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If something doesn't fit...

Please feel free to contact us should the size or the color of your purchase not work for you. We will be happy to send you another size or another color of the item you bought. Please remember to write us  before sending the package back to us and let us know what should we provide you with.

Should you have any other doubt or problem, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

If we are not a match...

If we are not a match and you don't feel comfortable in our clothings, you can always send us back your order and we will proceed with the refund. 

IMPORTANT: from the total of your purchase we will deduct some management costs (delivery fee & bank fees)

If you don't recall where to send it back...

Please be so kind to send back the item to:

c/o Beca Ferretti

Via della Posta 34, 6934 Bioggio (CH - TI)

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