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In a world where pollution is ruining the beauty of Mother Nature, we decided to focus on the materials we use. For this reason all our clothing are made with Organic Cotton. Our T-shirts and Hoodies are provided by our Swedish supplier who's collaborating with Fairtrade and Nordic Eco Label. Our designs are thought and created by us in Switzerland (precisely in Ticino). But yes... you are right in wondering..."who is us"? We are three very regular people of three different ages. We love our country and all the nature in this world. And we all think that as we are part of this big awesome and vast world, we should try our best to combine our ideal business with eco-sustainability. 


Thanks to our innovative and nature oriented approach, we created PROFILO CLOTHING with the hope of sharing with you our love and respect for nature. Hoping also for a better future for this amazing place we call "home". Browse our site and get in touch if you need any assistance. Happy shopping!

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