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100% organic Cotton T-shirt with a modern cut, round neck and reinforced edges.

Embroidered on the left side & on the right sleeve.


Certification Fairtrade


The oak embodies an extraordinary harmony between majesty and natural beauty. Its lobe-shaped leaves, which turn red and brown in autumn, create a symphony of colours that blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The legendary strength of the oak is elegantly combined with its longevity, making it an enduring symbol of strength and balance in nature. Moreover, the oak tree represents an ecosystem rich in life, thus demonstrating the harmony between flora and fauna in a delicate balance.

Quercus T-shirt ♀️

Colour: white
  • We always recommend washing our garments at a maximum of 40°C. If you notice that the embroidery is shrinking, you can easily iron it on and it will be as good as before!