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100% organic Cotton T-shirt with a modern cut, round neck and reinforced edges.

Embroidered on the left side & on the right sleeve 


Certification Fairtrade


The larch embodies a harmonious fusion of natural elegance and durability. Its slender, evergreen, needle-like leaves contribute to a refined aesthetic, while their splendid autumnal colouring in warm gold adds a touch of grace to the forest. Larch wood, with its combination of strength and beauty, is admired in the timber industry. Moreover, the larch habitat provides a harmonious refuge for a variety of creatures, demonstrating the importance of this species in the forest ecosystem.

Larix T-shirt ♂️

Colour: Blue
  • We always recommend washing our garments at a maximum of 40°C. If you notice that the embroidery is shrinking, you can easily iron it on and it will be as good as before!