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100% organic Cotton T-shirt with a modern cut, round neck and reinforced edges.

Embroidered on the left side & on the right sleeve.


Certification Fairtrade


Hot chocolate, nectar of winter, is a harmonious symphony of warmth and sweetness. With its dark chocolate melting into warm milk, it creates an enveloping drink that comforts the senses and warms the soul on cold winter days. Often crowned with whipped cream or tufts of marshmallow, hot chocolate is a pampering ritual that brings families and friends together, creating an atmosphere of warm harmony in which to share special moments. Its enveloping aroma and velvety flavour make it the perfect companion next to a crackling fire or on a quiet evening.

Chocolat T-Shirt ♀️

colore: Nero
  • We always recommend washing our garments at a maximum of 40°C. If you notice that the embroidery is shrinking, you can easily iron it on and it will be as good as before!