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T-shirt made of soft organic cotton, with embroidered design in the heart area and our name embroidered on the left sleeve.



The porcini mushroom, with its elegant silhouette, embodies the harmony of wild nature. Its broad, brown cap, slender stalk and network of pores emphasise its natural beauty. This delicious mushroom is a culinary gem thanks to its deep, earthy flavour, often used to create gourmet dishes that embrace the essence of authentic cuisine. The search for porcini in the woods is a practice steeped in tradition, in which the harmony between the seeker and nature is manifested in the discovery of this gift of the forest.


Color: Blue
  • Composition

    100% Fairtrade organically grown cotton


    Certified Material

    This product is certified. We use Cottover garments produced with GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified cotton.


    Size guide

    Marco is 191 cm tall and wears a L

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