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Soft mixed-organic cotton hoodie with embroidered heart design.



Cross-country skiing is a winter dance on snow, a celebration of natural beauty and serene movement. Across expanses of snow-covered landscapes, skiers traverse kilometres of trails, embracing the stillness of the forests and the enchantment of the winter landscape. It requires stamina and technique, but gives the joy of a well-paying effort and the opportunity to connect with nature in a profound way. Cross-country skiing is a dance between man and snow, a perfect harmony between body and environment, turning winter into a symphony of adventure and grace.

Pèl da foca Hoodie

Color: Black
  • Composition

    • 70% Cotton
    • 30% Polyester


    Certified Material

    This product is Oeko-Tex certified. We use garments produced with certified cotton.

    Size guide

    Marco is 191 cm tall and wears a XL

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