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Jumpsuit in soft organic cotton, with embroidered design in the heart area.



The baobab is a majestic tree, native to sub-Saharan Africa, often called the tree of life. With a massive trunk and a crown that looks like skyward-facing roots, it is an icon of strength and adaptability. These natural wonders thrive in arid environments, providing food, water and shelter for local communities and wildlife. The baobab represents a deep connection between nature and African culture, embodying the harmony between human beings and their environment.

Raw Mind Jumpsuit

CHF 72,50Prezzo
  • Composition

    100% Fairtrade cotton


    Certified Material

    This product is certified. We use Cottover garments produced with GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified cotton.


    Size guide

    Camilla is 156 cm tall and wears a size M

    Fabio is 183 cm tall and wears a 3XL

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