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Soft mixed-organic cotton hoodie with embroidered design in the centre area.



Sunsets are true spectacles of natural beauty, where the sky dances in shades of gold, orange and pink as the sun bows on the horizon. These magical moments offer an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation, inviting one to suspend time to appreciate the grandeur of nature. Each sunset is a unique work of art, a harmony between light and darkness, a reminder that reveals the beauty in each end and offers us hope for a new beginning. Watching a sunset is like listening to a symphony of nature that nourishes the soul.

EvenFall Premium Hoodie

CHF 78,00Prezzo
Color: Black
  • Composition

    • 80% Cotton
    • 20% Polyester


    Certified Material

    This product is Oeko-Tex certified.


    Size guide

    Camilla is 156 cm tall and wears a size S

    Marco is 191 cm tall and wears a XL

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