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Cap retrotracker with embroidery.



Edelweiss, the flower of the Alps, embodies the ethereal beauty of Alpine landscapes. It grows gracefully among the rugged rocks and steep slopes, its white petals, delicate as snow, embraced by a yellow heart. This rare and hardy flower is an emblem of purity and strength in Alpine iconography, a symbol of courage in a wild and unspoilt environment. Its presence fascinates and inspires, reflecting the harmony between nature and the mountains, making it a precious treasure of the Alps.

Edelweiss Cap

SKU: EC001
CHF 35,00Prezzo
Color: Black
  • Composition

    • 100% Cotton
    • Mesh: 100% Polyester


    Certified Material

    This hat is certified Fair Labor Conditions and made with recycled polyester.


    Size guide

    The fit of the hat is adjustable

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