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Organic cotton tote bag with digital print.



Dried flowers, with their soft and delicate hues, tell tales of ethereal beauty and enduring grace. Hung upside down or carefully arranged in glass vases, they exude an atmosphere of nostalgia and serenity. Each petal, dry yet still precious, holds memories of bright days and subtle fragrances, lingering beyond their fleeting bloom. Like tiny treasures of nature, dried flowers remind us of life's transience and the beauty that resides even in the end of a cycle, urging us to celebrate each moment with gratitude and mindfulness.

Controluce Tote Bag

CHF 19,00Prezzo
Color: Beige
  • Composition

    100% Fairtrade organically grown cotton


    Certified Material

    This product is certified. We use Cottover garments produced with GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified cotton.


    Size guide

    28 x 38 x 12 cm

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